October Goals

Let’s see if this keeps me accountable. Every month I journal out a list of goals for the month ahead. Sometimes I do pretty good, and sometimes I don’t.

October is my very favorite month of the year. After a solid week of migraines, I’m full of hope for a better month. So while I’m up and motivated here’s what I hope to accomplish this upcoming month.

  • Stick to my menu plan
  • Blog post as much as I can
  • Use the pantry more, and grocery shop less
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • Deep clean at least three rooms
  • Tend to the mending pile

This month is also crazy busy. I’ve been updating my calendar, and it seems like we have something going on every single day of the week. School is in full swing, and this month we have a few days off, parent-teacher conferences, and Agnes has vocal practice every Thursday. We also celebrate Agnes’ and James’ birthday’s, and our anniversary too.

It is going to be one crazy month.