Bread Baking Days

This week I’m trying not to grocery shop until Friday. Wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of bread… I’ve always loved baking bread, but I haven’t done it in a long time. The weather was perfect for baking yesterday, so I spent the day in the kitchen.

I had enough bananas on hand to make a batch of muffins. The family had also requested another Cinnamon cake. I decided to make a few loaves of White Bread, and then I decided to try my hand at baking French Bread.

The French bread was going to take the longest, so I started it first. I also started my White Bread dough, so it had plenty of time to rest.

I baked the muffins, and the cake. The oven was preheated for the breads, and there was plenty of warm spots to rise bread dough.


The mini muffins are for the boy’s snacks for school. I also had enough left to make big muffins for breakfast.

The White Bread turned out just right. That will make plenty of lunches for the boys. The homemade bread is also so tasty too. I really need to make this once a week.

Lastly was the French Bread. I was making Spaghetti for dinner, and I thought it would be a perfect side. It took quite awhile to make the bread, but the savings were well worth it.

It was a big hit too. Thade absolutely loved it, and so did my hubby.

I will be making this again! The French Bread was delicious.

The kitchen was a mess, but it was nice spending a day baking for my family. I really need to make this a habit. It would help out a bit with the savings, and the house smelled amazing.