August 2017 Favorite Photos

August was a very strange month. It was a long month, but it seemed to go by in a flash. We welcomed a new kitty to the family, and the kids (finally) went back to school.

We welcomed Jinx to the family. She is growing fast and she is in to everything.

I found one last late-blooming Daisy in the garden. Daisies are my very favorite.

This year we have a second grader, a fifth grader, and an eighth grader! Holy moly the kids are growing up way too fast.

How I love these Kansas storms.

Jinx was being extra cute one sunny afternoon.

I’m happy to report that Thade has been drawing again. I love seeing that little man’s artwork.

We are well into September, and it feels like I have been behind all month. I guess it is just going to be one of those months.