July’s Tasty Treats

July went by in a blur. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I made some family favorites, and tried a few new recipes too. Here’s what was going on in my kitchen….

Even though we are right in the middle of Summer, I missed Autumn. Nothing says Autumn comfort foods like Chicken and Noodles complete with Pumpkin Pie. I also made a big pan of Cookie Bars. The kids love them.

I made some Noodles from scratch too.

Our Autumn meal also included a big batch of Butter Rolls

When the Fourth of July Rolled around, I made a few pies.

I made an Apricot, in my Great-Grandmother’s pie tin.

I also made a Cherry pie inspired by Twin Peaks.

I think it was worthy of the Double R, and it has become James’ new favorite too.

This Summer I’ve been wanting to sneak in new recipes, and try a few new skills out. I decided to teach myself how to grill, and also how to make a mean batch of wings before Football season.

I accomplished my goals, and the family approved too.

I baked a ton of cookies. Some were for the crew working on our house, some were for my hubby’s workplace, some were for home, and somehow I used 10lbs of flour in a week.

I made a Strawberry Pie that nobody tried.

I also made some Mini Cherry Birthday Pies for a friend of ours.

I had a few leftover ingredients, so I made a batch of Cherry Pie Bars for us.

They were buttery, messy, and so delicious.

Lastly I tweaked a Bread-stick recipe, and made dinner rolls instead.

They were a big hit with the family. They are a quick side dish too.

Now that August has arrived, it is time to get to the store and stock up the kitchen. Dylan has put in a request for Chocolate Whoopie Pies, so I had better get to it.