April’s Veggie Meals

April was a super tasty month. I had so much fun cooking in the kitchen, and trying out new dishes.

Pasta Salad is one of my favorite go-to Spring dishes.

Roasted Veggies have become a main-stay for Sunday nights.

I’m trying out a few vegan dishes. This salad topped with Chickpeas and Salsa Verde was delicious.

Leftover roasted veggies are pretty tasty baked with Mozzarella.

Fresh fruit makes for a easy vegan and raw dinner.

Veggie Soup and Homemade Bread is also one of my favorites.

Baked Potato bites have become one of favorite dishes. I like mine with Broccoli and extra Cheese.

I’m sticking with my veggies through the month of May, and I can’t wait to make some more tasty dishes.