Donut Making and Cake Baking

One of my birthday presents was donut pans. Two to make tiny ones, and two to make regular sized donuts. I searched for a few recipes on pinterest, so I could give the new pans a try.

I made one batch completely from scratch, and I used a cake mix for the other.

The recipes, cook times, and even oven temperature varied from recipe to recipe. But I figured it was cake, tiny cake, so 350-375 F max, 8-11 mins. I still need to work on the timing, but my first attempt was tasty. The mini donuts were made from a yellow cake mix, and I made around 40 dounts from just one mix. The only problem I ran into was over-filling my tins. You need just a bit over a teaspoon and a half of batter for one donut.

For the chocolate ones, I found a recipe for twelve donuts, and the batter (and icing) was all from scratch. Again the recipe called for a baking time of eight minutes at 375F, I added another 2-3 minutes of cooking time, they just didn’t look ready at eight minutes.

Now for the verdict. The whole family loved them. The kids liked the chocolate ones the best, but my hubby thought that they needed to be a bit lighter and fluffier. I agreed, the batter was a bit too thick, it needs a little adjusting. The powdered sugar minis ended up being James and Agnes’ favorite. They were really light and airy, they didn’t taste anything at all like the store-bought ones.

Some tips, if you are trying these at home. Use less batter, it is really easy to over-fill the molds. Be patient, it took me two hours to fill, and bake all of the donuts. I think we might be investing in some more pans, since everyone really liked them. Make sure they are completely cool before you ice them, or bounce them around in powdered sugar. If they are too warm, they turn into crumbs, still tasty, but crumbs.

Make sure you get one of these before the kiddos do, they were gone in a flash.

Since I was going to be in the kitchen, I made a few cakes too. I made a Chocolate Bundt Cake for my family, and a Red Velvet Cake for my birthday.

Red Velvet cake is my absolute favorite, but my family won’t touch it. It turned out absolutely delicious, so yay, more cake for me!