June: Around The House

We made it through the first full month of Summer break… Just barely.

We have had a lot of rain for the last few months, but that made for very happy flowers.

Mia is pretty happy about having all of the kids home. There are plenty of people to play fetch with her, but it is usually me who is the one playing.

I’ve been spending every single waking moment in the kitchen. Or at the grocery store.

We haven’t been out of the house too much, but we did visit Redbud Farms and Nurseries. Dylan and Agnes loved exploring the farmland.

My husband surprised me with a box full of goodies to keep me sane this Summer.

And here is the reality of having everyone home all day, and eating around the clock. I’ll be honest I’ve only had the kitchen cleaned up for about two days this entire Summer. UGH!

Enough of the kitchen, back to the garden…

On second thought, maybe this book will get my butt in gear.

Now that July has arrived, the hot weather has moved in. The kids are growing more and more bored and restless every day, July is always a pretty tough month. I’m looking forward to August, maybe then I’ll get that kitchen of mine back in order.