November’s Tasty Treats

While searching for photos for the month of November, I quickly realized that I hardly took any photos in November… I guess it really was a busy month. I do have a few to share from the kitchen. By the way, the kitchen is still a mess from Thanksgiving. I swear the next house that we live in is going to have a dishwasher, maybe two of them.

I’ve been making a lot of muffins lately. This is a tasty batch of banana ones.

Also, this happened… I have to have at least one when they are back!

Ugh, lazy Sunday morning.

In November I tried out a few new recipes. I used a breadmaker recipe for Coffee-cake.

I used the same recipe to make a quick batch of breadmaker Cinnamon Rolls. They worked out nicely, and cut down the proofing time considerably.

I also tested a batch of Wheat Rolls for Thanksgiving. I love a big pile of dough, just waiting to be made into something tasty.

The rolls turned out beautifully, and the family approved too. The Wheat Rolls were delicious.

Then Thanksgiving happened, and I cooked for four days straight. I was so stinking busy cooking, and cleaning, that I didn’t get any photos to share. I assure you it was tasty, and I made seven pies and two cakes.

Weekend breakfast, leftover Pumpkin Bundt Cake with cream cheese frosting. It was so sweet and tasty.

December is here, and I’m still tired from Thanksgiving. I haven’t started on Christmas cookies just yet, but I am stocked up and ready to go.