September’s Tasty Treats

During the month of September I lived in the kitchen. I was cooking around the clock to try and keep the kiddos full, I also had a cookie catering gig to bake for. I have lots of photos to share from my kitchen.

I made several batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I need to get in the habit of making more cookie dough ahead, and keeping it in the fridge to bake during the week.

Homemade Pizza and Wings have become a Football night staple!

I tested out a batch of Cinnamon Breadsticks. The kids didn’t like them too much, but I thought they were really tasty. The one downside I had a bit too much Cinnamon topping on them, and it made a gigantic mess in the oven.

Sundays over here are baking days. I made a RR Cherry Pie, Chocolate Snack Cake, and a whole bunch of Butter Rolls too.

The RR Cherry Pie has become my hubby’s favorite.

Thade’s favorite are the Butter Rolls. He has even requested them in place of a birthday cake, when his birthday rolls around.

I’ve been using what I had on hand, and cleaning out the pantry. I made a batch of Butterscotch Brownies (I swear they were called Blondies when I was a kiddo). I loved them, the kids not so much. They said they couldn’t be called brownies, they were not chocolate.

Midway though the month it was time to make a massive amount of cookies for the cookie catering gig.

There were Caramel-chocolate cookie bars, Chocolate Chip cookies, Candy bar cookies, Triple Chocolate chip cookies, and Cakerdoodles. I had made over twelve dozen. The turnout for the lunch was great, and the cookies disappeared quickly. I think next time I’ll have to double the amounts.

The family had requested a Cinnamon Cake for dessert. This cake disappears way too quickly.

When it was the first day of Autumn,

I made a Pumpkin Pie to celebrate.

Pumpkin Pie is Dylan’s favorite!

Pumpkin Pie makes an awesome late night snack too.

I also made a Dutch Apple Pie. I’m usually the only one that eats it though, my family just isn’t a fan.

Oh well, more for me. I like mine with a big scoop of Caramel Ice Cream.

Now that October has arrived, I’m already thinking of Thanksgiving pies. I’ve already tested a new recipe, and it was a hit with my hubby. I have lots of birthday treats to make this month too. James and Agnes both have October birthdays. Time to get to it, maybe I can get a few dozen cookies baked before the boys are home from school.