January’s Tasty Treats

January was one of those months where I was in the kitchen around the clock, but I forgot to get pictures.



I’m looking for short-cuts in the kitchen. Mostly because I can’t keep up with the dishes, so I want to dirty-up less of them. I decided to test out a batch of Mini-Cinnamon Rolls, with Homemade Breadstick Dough.


And you know what… It worked out perfectly. The breadsticks were delicious, and the tiny cinnamon rolls were perfect for dessert.


I made some Chocolate Cupcakes. They were a request from the kiddos.


Thade always requests a Bread-cake for his birthday. I over-proof homemade dinner rolls, and bake them till they hold together. I stack them together, and hello bread-cake!


When it was Thade’s birthday, I made a homemade chocolate sheet cake. I also tested out a batch of homemade chocolate marshmallow icing. The cake was super moist, and the icing was sweet. I need to work on the icing a bit though, it wasn’t as fluffy as I wanted it to be. The kids loved it though.

It is finally February, and I hope to get the kitchen back in shape this month. We’ll see how it goes though, I’m still behind.