Home Cooking: Autumn in Summer

I do enjoy Summer. I like the lazy days, and the laid back meals. Sometimes I miss the tasty Autumnal meals though. I decided to bring back an Autumn favorite right smack dab in the middle of Summer.

What was on the menu?

Homemade Chicken and Noodles, with real Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Butter Rolls,  and Pumpkin Pie for dessert.

While the pie was cooling. I rolled out a big batch of Egg Noodles. It is easy to make pasta from scratch, it just takes a little bit of extra time. I’ve tried out several recipes for noodles, but my favorite is the classic Betty Crocker (in the red cookbook) recipe. I think it is the tastiest, and I always have everything on hand.

Once the big kitty smells chicken, he heads to the kitchen. Of course I give him a bit with broth. I love how he sticks both paws in the plate, so the plate doesn’t get away from him.

A full stove-top makes me extra happy.

I like to use the bread maker to start my Butter Roll dough. These are always Thade’s favorite.

Last but not least is Dylan’s favorite, Pumpkin Pie. My little guy loves it, and it is a great reminder of comforting Autumn dishes that are just around the corner.