December’s Crafts

Well December was a long month, but a quick month. And we were under the weather too…

I snuck in a few crochet and knitting crafts here and there, whenever I could.

I knitted handmade scarves for the kid’s teachers, and some for para’s too. I crocheted a bunch of homemade ornaments too.

I started knitting a little scarf on the first day of Winter.

I kept working on Agnes’ and Dylan’s multi-color blankets.


After Christmas all of the boys in the house started playing PUBG, so I picked up the knitting needles.

I had a bit of chunky yarn on hand, and I whipped up an earwarmer for me.

And I got it done just in time for the temps to drop to -18 F. Holy moly is is freezing in KS!

Now my crafting project is to get the pipes unfrozen in the house… My goodness, hurry up warmer weather. I need a break!