Vegan Meals: Week 5

Just three little days left in the Veganuary challenge.

1/29/2018 MONDAY!!!!!

Hello Monday! It’s Thade’s Birthday!  The kids are back to school, and James is in Florida for convention. That calls for easy meals, and lots of crochet, and couch time. I’m taking a personal day!

A little bit of crochet, and a whole lot of The Expanse on amazon prime. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd, and it really is my very favorite show.

I made a little brunch of the rest of the homemade vegan bread, pizza sauce, and sliced avocados. It was absolutely delicious. I’ve got to get back in the kitchen and restock my bread.

I wasn’t quite hungry when it was time for lunch, so I grabbed a bowl of sushi rice with soy sauce before I picked up the kids at school.

Dinner was pizza for the boys, and Agnes was sick with a fever and headache. She was absolutely miserable, so she really didn’t want anything. I grabbed all of the odds and ends in the fridge and freezer, and whipped up a quick rice bowl.

The rice bowl was delicious, and it kept me away from the cheese pizza.

And on to Tuesday:

Agnes is home sick today, but thankfully the fever has passed. She still has a pretty bad headache, and she really doesn’t feel like eating much. When it was time for lunch, she said that maybe rice sounded good. I made a batch of Jasmine Rice for her, and a big batch of Quinoa for me, and the fridge.

I sauteed up some Butternut Squash, Corn, and Brussels Sprouts. I added them on top of a big bowl of Quinoa and Nutritional Yeast. It was fantastic, and I have plenty of ready made Quinoa for future meals.

Dinner was Spicy homemade vegan Rice Noodle soup with a side of Edamame.

I was starting to come down with the gunk that Agnes had, so I decided to ward it off with spicy kimchi and lots of garlic in my homemade soup. Well it didn’t keep the flu-bug away, but it was really delicious.

Before I knew it, it was the last day of Veganuary…

Agnes was still home sick with the flu, and I wasn’t feeling too hungry myself. I made a quick rice bowl with lots of veggies for lunch.


When it was dinner. I finished off the Kale & Quinoa bites in fridge. I also roasted some Brussels Sprouts, and made a baked Sweet Potato.

It was delicious! And I made it!

Thirty-one days completely Vegan!!! I’m pretty darn happy about that!