Vegan Meals: Week 4

Hello Week #4 of the Veganuary Challenge! To be honest, this week I didn’t even have a second thought of my meals being different, this was a very easy week in vegan-land.

Monday 1/22/2018

I made a simple dinner of Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Kale & Quinoa Bites, and a little bit of Spaghetti with nutritional yeast, and plenty of black pepper. James and I love Brussels Sprouts, but the kids think that they are completely gross.

Tuesday 1/23/2018

Most days I get really busy and forget to make myself lunch. That is until I am absolutely starving, and hangry. I gathered up some odds and ends in the fridge and made some super fast Veggie and Rice Burritos.

For dinner I made Baked Potatoes with way too much vegan butter replacement, and nutritional yeast. I have no shame, I even ate the skins.

Wednesday 1/24/2018

I made a yummy and very hearty lunch out of odds and ends in the fridge. This ended up being a stew of Garbanzo Beans, Broccoli, Tomatoes, leftover Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, and some Artichoke Hearts for good measure. It was really delicious.

For Dinner I made some Veggie Fajitas!

I still had some leftover vegan Mexican Rice in the fridge, and it made a delicious side to the tasty veggie fajitas.

Thursday 1/25/2018

I made a quick soup for lunch out of leftovers. This was a spicy soup full of Tomatoes, Homemade Salsa, Corn, Vegan Mexican Rice, leftover Fajita Veggies, and Garbanzo Beans. I’ve really been using up every bit of what I’ve got in the fridge this week.

For dinner I made some Vegan Macaroni and Cheese. It has become one of my very favorite dishes, and it comes together in a flash.

Friday 1/26/2018

Quick lunch of Veggie Wraps and Pita Chips. Even James thought these looked good.


At dinner time Agnes said that she wasn’t feeling too good, and the only thing that sounded good was vegan sushi.

So of course I had to make her a plate. I also sliced up a Gala Apple to help her tummy out.

I made a plate for me too. My goodness Vegan Sushi is my very favorite meal on the planet. It is just the best. I made mine with fresh Avocado, and spicy Kimchi. Of goodness, how I love sushi!

Saturday 1/27/2018

Saturday was another busy day, and we were out of the house at odd times for soccer games. I made brunch for Dylan and Thade, and then lunch for the rest of us after Agnes’ game. I grabbed all things fresh for me, and it was delicious. I had a tart Blood Orange, perfect Avocado, Cauliflower, and Carrot Sticks. I had a little bit of Italian dressing for dipping.

When it was time for dinner, the kids wanted take-out, but couldn’t decide on a place. They finally settled on two spots, and after all the running around from Saturday, I didn’t feel like cooking for myself. Off to the fridge to see what I can throw together and call dinner.

I finished off the Fajita Veggies, added in a little Homemade Salsa, finished off some Tomatoes hiding in the fridge, and added in a few Garbanzo Beans for good measure. I heated it up on top of pre-cooked Sushi Rice, and I made a delicious dish. I also cleaned out the fridge.

  • Sunday 1/28/2018

I can’t get enough of this vegan mac and cheese. It really has become my very favorite dish. I made a batch of this for lunch, and yes, I ate every single bite.

When it was dinner time, I was making Baked Ziti for the kids, but because of all of the cheese, I had to make something else for me.

I still had some homemade vegan bread hanging out in the freezer, so I whipped up some mini vegan pizzas. They were fantastic!

I’m starting the last few days of the Veganuary challenge on Monday, and I really can’t believe that I’m at the end of the month.

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