Veganuary Week 4

And here we go it’s week four of the veganuary challenge, and it is going fantastically well! I wish the rest of the stuff around the house was going as well as this challenge is… My dryer has officially gone on to appliance Heaven, so I’m spending all of my free time at the laundromat. Ugh, just another thing that this month has brought my way.

O.k. enough of my griping… Time to chat about week number four.

  • Monday 1/22/2018: Well, I had the house stocked up completely, so I just had to run to the laundromat. I didn’t even think about my meals as being any different today, I just cooked.
  • Tuesday 1/23/2018: Hey, guess where I am (again)?!? Yep, it’s the laundromat, and I’m running behind, so I had to make a fast lunch of veggie burritos.
  • Wednesday 1/24/2018: Today I visited my new Doctor. She had a lot of good questions about veganism, and she said that she wants me to continue this for the next six months. I also found out that I lost ten pounds, but I needed to come back for fasting bloodwork just to make sure that I’m not anemic.
  • Thursday 1/25/2018: I’m HUNGRY!!! Fasting is no fun, and water just isn’t cutting it for breakfast. I’m off to the hospital lab for bloodwork, and then back to the laundromat. Seriously, I need a life!
  • Friday 1/26/2018: Sushi Day!!!! I finally went grocery shopping this morning, and then another trip to the laundromat, where they know me by name. I was pretty darn tired by the afternoon, and I didn’t feel like cooking… That’s when Agnes said that vegan sushi was the only thing that sounded good for dinner, so that had to happen.
  • Saturday 1/27/2018: Tonight I really didn’t feel like cooking. I grabbed take-out for the family, nobody could agree on anything. I ended up going two places, and by the time I was home, nothing sounded good to me. I threw together some leftovers in the fridge, and called it good.
  • Sunday 1/28/2018: Today I woke up feeling kinds yucky… I really hope I’m not coming down with the crud that’s going around. I’m going to drink plenty of fluids today, and keep my fingers crossed that it’s nothing too bad. Also, I really can’t believe that I’ve made it twenty-eight days! So awesome!


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