Veganuary: Week 3

And here we go, it’s week three!

  • Monday 1/15/2018: Well, the heater is still out, and the kids are out of school today too. I’m making quick trips downstairs to cook, do laundry, and wash dishes, and then I run as quickly as I can back upstairs. Today, I’ve been hungry… But I do have the upstairs stocked with regular snacks, and vegan snacks for me too.
  • Tuesday 1/16/2018: The kids were out for a snow day, and that means another day that I won’t be going to the store… I have plenty on stock to make meals for me, but I’m running low on snacks for everyone else.
  • Wednesday 1/17/2018: Finally, the kids were back in school. The roads were a mess, so I put off the trip to the store for one more day. James was out of town for meetings, so that meant dinner for just me and the kiddos. That calls for Spaghetti! The kids happily ate vegetarian for dinner, and I stuck with a vegan option. No complaints
  • Thursday 1/18/2018: Today I woke up, poured a glass of Almond Milk while I packed the kids lunches, and I was good to go through school drop-off. I still haven’t gone to the store, I’m being lazy. Agnes has soccer practice tonight, and it is right smack dab in the middle of dinner time. I’m thinking of grabbing some take-out for the kids after school, and then making late dinner after 6:30 p.m. I’m not really on a schedule with my meals, and I grab whatever I have on hand, so I’m not too worried. Also I can’t believe that I have made it 18 days!
  • Friday 1/19/2018: I finally got out of the house, and to the stores. We were out of just about everything. I founds lots of tasty fruits and veggies on sale, so I’m set for a bit.
  • Saturday 1/20/2018: The kids have their first soccer games today, so we picked up take-out on the way home for the family. I had the fridge stocked up with plenty of stuff for me, so it was no big deal.
  • Sunday 1/21/2018: Three full weeks and counting!!! I can’t believe that I have made it twenty-one days so far! I really didn’t think that I would make it a full week. The longest time I’ve been vegan before was five days. This time around though, it has been fun and easy to change the way I’m eating. I’ve enjoyed cooking lots of new dishes, and my family has even tried a few new things too. Let’s go week four!



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