Trying Some New Vegan Finds

As the month of January rolls on, and the veganuary challenge continues, I’m surprised at all of the new things that I’m trying. I’ve been running into a lot of products locally that are “accidentally vegan” and so far I haven’t missed my old friend Cheese Pizza.

I thought it might be fun to share some of the new things that I’m trying out, and let you know just what I think about them. This post is not sponsored, I’m not lucky enough to make a dime off of my blog…

I’ve heard some great things about Nutritional Yeast. I’ve read that it is a great replacement for when you are craving a cheesy dish, but you just can’t have it. I couldn’t find it locally, so I ordered some from amazon, and a book for me too.

How do I say this… “I love this stuff!!!”

You can add in a bit to vegetable stock, and poof you have a tasty cheesy sauce for a delicious Quinoa with veggies bowl.

You can also sprinkle it on roasted veggies, and my goodness it is just awesome. I keep looking for other dishes to sneak this in to, and the B vitamins that Nutritional Yeast provides is pretty nice too.

When I became a vegetarian, my taste-buds changed, and I no longer craved sweets. When I decided to go vegan, I started thinking about chocolate… Finding vegan chocolate anything is not too easy here.

Dylan and I went to Wal-Mart, and read the labels on at least twenty different types of chocolate, and most were Dark Chocolate. I think we only found three that contained zero milk solids. They were a bit pricey too, all were around $3.98 for just one single bar…

So I visited Price Chopper, and I ventured down the baking aisle. That’s when I spotted these babies!!!

These tasty little morsels popped up as an add-on item on my last amazon order, but the price was a bit much for something that I didn’t know if I was going to like. I spotted them at the store for $5.69 a bag, and they had the mini morsels, and the mega chunks. It seemed like a big splurge, but the bag would last me much longer than a bar. I grabbed them, and they are fantastic!

They aren’t as sweet as milk chocolate, but they aren’t as bitter as Dark Chocolate. They have a great balance to them, and just a few keeps my sweet tooth happy. I also like to make a homemade trail mix to keep in my bag, just in case I get hungry while I’m waiting at school pick-up. I use Dried Cherries, or Dried Cranberries, add in Cashews or Almonds, and a bit of the mega chunks, and it is a fantastic snack!

If you didn’t already know, I love junk food. Like really love it! Oh yeah I love Dr Pepper too, like way too much. While I’m doing this challenge I’m also trying to cut down on my soda intake. I’m down to just one a day, and I’m feeling really good about it.

Back to these snacks. This amazing chip falls into the “accidentally vegan” category. And they are awesome!

They also have a few more flavors that are vegan too, but so far the Plain variety and the Sea Salt and Vinegar are my very favorite!

O.k. now I’m getting hungry, time to go and figure out what to make for lunch.


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