Vegan Meals: Week 2

Making all things vegan got a little easier in week two, and then the heater broke… It was positively frigid downstairs.

Luckily I could set up a makeshift pantry in the upstairs hallway, but I was making lots of trips up and down the stairs when it was time to cook. I think I averaged at least six stories of stairs for every meal. That is the last time that I ever say “I hope to get more exercise in the new year”.

Going vegan is getting easier, and the meals have been fantastic.

Beans and Rice are my go-to meal in the fridge. I can make a big batch, and have it ready to go in a minute. I made a little salad with homemade salsa to top it off.

I also keep plain Jasmine Rice cooked and ready to go in the fridge. I add a few veggies, and make a quick lunch for me.

I’ve been using up odds and ends, and this was the last little bit of homemade Mexican Rice, a little homemade salsa, and a few veggies. It made a super tasty soup on a chilly Winter night.

I love the ready made Kale & Quinoa bites. They make an awesome dinner!

You can never go wrong with Veggie Ramen.

Crunchy Quinoa Tacos are quickly becoming one of my favorite dishes.

I’ve also been keeping cooked Quinoa in the fridge. I throw it in soups, burritos, or make a quinoa bowl with plenty of veggies.

While the heater was out, I was getting creative in the kitchen to keep a little heat downstairs. I made a big batch of baked potatoes. The oven warmed up the kitchen, and I had plenty of meals for me.

These are my very favorite “accidentally vegan” potato chips!!! I can’t get enough of them!

I’ve been giving Nutritional Yeast a try, and I have to say, I really like it! It makes a mean “cheesy” quinoa bowl.

It is also amazing on roasted potatoes with broccoli!

I’m entering week three of the Veganuary challenge, and it is going fantastically. I’m feeling pretty darn good, and I haven’t missed the dairy one little bit. I think I just might make it through the month.


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  1. Everything looks so delicious. Thanks for posting pictures, it helps encourage me to eat healthier. You will make it through Veganuary!

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