Veganuary Week 2

Let’s see how week two goes…

  • Monday 1/8/2018: The kids are back to school today, and I’m celebrating by going to the dentist. Oh yeah! I know how to celebrate. I didn’t have any strange cravings, or even really thought about food at all today. My face just hurt…
  • Tuesday 1/9/2018: Today has been full of errands, and I’ve been grabbing vegan snacks and using up my prepared meals in the fridge. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll restock the fridge with rice, quinoa, and pasta.
  • Wednesday 1/10/2018: Dylan has soccer practice late this evening, so I got dinner started this morning for the family in the Crock Pot. I forgot to make bread though, but I had a half of a loaf of homemade vegan bread in the fridge, so I decided to serve it to the family. Their replies were pretty hilarious…

Dylan: ” I loved it!”

James: “I like the other one better.”

Thade: “Meh, it’s o.k.”

Agnes: ” I give it a pretty good.”

  • Thursday 1/11/2018: And I’m back at the grocery store, again. The cold weather is heading our way, and I’m getting the house stocked up. After getting everything put away, the text came in that school was going to be out at 12:30 p.m. I wonder if Agnes’ soccer practice is going to be cancelled too… Either way I’m making Tacos for the family, and something vegan for me.
  • Friday 1/12/2018: Today has been frustrating. Last week the heater was fixed, and then late last night the new part that was fixed, completely blew apart. It is a long story, and it is a frustrating one. The good part of the day, I made it to day twelve completely vegan. Not too shabby,
  • Saturday 1/13/2018: The heater is out, so the meals are getting a little creative. It is pretty cold downstairs (37 F) so I make a short trip when I can. I’ve stuck with the vegan meals, and I stocked the upstairs with plenty of bananas for snacking.
  • Sunday 1/14/2017: Two weeks in, and I have been completely vegan. This is the longest time that I have been successful, and I’m pretty darn excited about it. I’m looking forward to next week, and I hope to have success throughout January.