Prepping for Veganuary

I’ve been reading about the Veganuary challenge on twitter, and instagram, and after my crappy December, I think this will get me back in line. It’s pretty simple, you pledge to be a vegan for the entire month of January, and that’s that.

Now I’ve tried to go vegan before, and I only made it a week, so I’m seriously hoping that I can make it through the month. I was thinking back on why I wasn’t successful on the first go, and it came down to a few things:

  • I was HUNGRY all the flipping time
  • I hadn’t meal planned for my meals, and then I lost motivation to cook (um Breakfast)
  • I’m lazy, and I have too many dirty dishes in my life
  • I hadn’t stockpiled the kitchen at all
  • I give into my cravings way too easliy (i.e. all things CHEESE)

So this week, I’m working on all of those problem areas.

Let’s start with menu planning. I plan lunch and dinner for the family monthly. I quickly realized that I didn’t plan for my meals too. I would just use whatever I had on hand, and that becomes a problem. While I was menu planning, I paid careful attention to what sides I could veganize, and carry-over for my meals. I’m going to try and sneak in more fresh foods for myself, and maybe introduce the family to vegan dishes too.

Stocking the house:

First I took stock of everything that I already had in the house that was vegan. I cleared off a shelf in the kitchen, and made it my vegan shelf. I was surprised by what I already had hanging out in the kitchen. I made a list of what I needed for about the first week (or so) and Agnes and I headed out to shop.

We went to three stores, and I looked for vegan items everywhere. I scanned all of the labels, and picked up a bunch of stuff to have on hand.

You’ll notice a lot of snacks… I’m a bad snacker, or more of a grazer. I love snack foods way too much, and I think this is going to be where I struggle the most.

I took it to twitter and instagram.

I tweeted about me wanting to join the Veganuary movement, and bam! Ideas, motivation, and even shopping advice popped up. I post my meals on instagram as often as I can, and then here comes more motivation, and helpful tips, and friendly advice from vegans all across the globe.  It’s cool to have a community to reach out to, and get some very helpful advice. I also love looking at all of the amazing vegan dishes that other happy vegans are enjoying.

I started weaning myself off a few days in advance. Like the 28th to be exact.

One of the mistakes that I made the first time was I was a vegetarian trying to go vegan, and I did it cold-tofurkey. This time I’m starting off a little at a time. I’m still finishing off the amazing dairy-filled yogurt that is in my fridge, but then I’m eating vegan meals for lunch and dinner. This has been much easier, and I haven’t had all of those crazy cravings (so far).

So what am I hoping to get out of this?

To get rid of these…

That’s right. I am horribly allergic to all things that involve DAIRY! I have to take two to four of these beauties every time I eat anything that is dairy, and I know that isn’t good for me. I mean I’m already allergic to it, why should I be eating it?!? I’m also allergic to eggs, cloves, and nutmeg.

Also I’m exhausted all of the time. December it became really bad, maybe it was just stress, but I think all of the awful things that I was eating didn’t help matters at all. I’m hoping that I’ll have a bit more energy, and feel better too.

I’m hoping to learn to eat better, cook new foods, and even get my family to try a few of them. I know that they could benefit from some more fruits and veggies too.

So wish me luck, or if you are feeling full of veggies, jump on in and take the challenge too. Happy Veganuary everyone! Cheers! (with carrots and celery)








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  1. Best wishes for a happy and healthy Veganuary! I know you can make it. You inspire me to make healthy choices, too.

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