November’s Crafts

November flew by, and I seemed to be in the kitchen pretty much every moment of the day. I got in a tiny bit of crafting, and starting working on Christmas decorations too.

I crocheted seventy-five of these cute little stockings for homemade Advent Calendars for the kids. They took me a little longer than I thought they would.

I’m working on a knitted Gryffindor scarf for Agnes’ teacher. Her teacher is a Harry Potter fan, just like Agnes. I love the look of this scarf.

I’m making Agnes another Ravenclaw scarf too. She liked her other one, but wanted another one in grey and navy too.

Dylan and Agnes have Christmas parties soon, so I’m making crocheted ornaments for their classes.

I’ve got sixty to make.

They are coming along nicely. I hope I can get them all finished by the twentieth.

Time to get back to it.