September’s Crafts

September seemed to fly by so very quickly. I’ve spent lots of time crafting, and lots of time working on the house too.

I’m still working on Dylan’s and Agnes’ blankets that I had hoped to finish crocheting over the Summer. They are coming along so slowly right now.

I also fell behind on my 2017 Temperature Blanket…

I’ve kept good notes though, so I am catching up a row at a time.

Dylan crocheted me a little gift.

I love that my little guy likes to craft too.

I’ve been knitting with lots of chunky yarn.

I whipped up this cute scarf in no time.

Whenever I’m waiting for the kiddos to get out of school, I bring along a small project to work on in the car.

I knitted this scarf super quick, and added it to the teacher’s gifts stash.

Last month I started knitting a Hufflepuff Scarf for me.

I must be getting quicker at knitting, because I finished it.

Then I took a Harry Potter sorting quiz and I got sorted into Ravenclaw… So it looks like I’ll be making another scarf for myself.

Speaking of Ravenclaw, Agnes was sorted into that house too (I figured as much), so I’m working on a scarf for her.

It is coming along nicely.

Just in case you are wondering… Thade is also a Ravenclaw, and Dylan is a Gryffindor. I’m working on a scarf for Dylan as well.

Now that October has arrived, I want to finish some projects. I have three scarves in the works, two blankets, and the temperature blanket to catch up. I also have a giant pile of mending that is sitting on top of the sewing machine. I just need a good seven hours extra every day, so I can get it all done.

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