August’s Crafts

August was a very busy month. We had school on the way, and so much to get together. I seemed to fall behind on my crafting, and just about everything else too.

We did get to spend a little time with Nana, and one afternoon she brought along a project for the kids.

Rock Painting!

Throughout the Summer our little town has been hiding and seeking painted rocks. It has been a fun project to participate in. The kids really love rock hunting, but they loved painting rocks with Nana too.

All of the kiddos got involved, and artsy too.

We ended up with lots of rocks to hide all around town.

I know it is early, but I always wait too late to make something Christmas themed for Agnes to wear to school. This Summer I was on it, and I made her a cute Christmas colors earwarmer. I’m planning on embellishing it a bit more. She likes it so far.

I also started a scarf for me.

While I was watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I spotted Newt’s Hufflepuff scarf. I knew right away what my next knitting project was going to be.

I too am a Hufflepuff (and a Potter-nerd), and I had plenty of yarn on hand to get this project going. I just love grey and yellow. Such a pretty color for the upcoming Autumn.

Well I didn’t meet my goal of completing Agnes’ and Dylan’s newest blankets during Summer.

It seems like I still have an awfully long way to go on both of these projects.

School is back, I always take a knitting or crochet project along with me to work on in the car.

I’m currently knitting another scarf to add to my homemade stash of teacher’s gifts.

I’m thankful that it is September. I am looking forward to cooler weather, and some time to catch up on all of the projects that I have going on. I’m also hoping to get out my sewing machine soon and tackle the ever-growing mending pile.

One thought on “August’s Crafts

  1. I had so much fun painting rocks with the kiddos. It is amazing how creative and imaginative they are. They must take after their Mother. Keep Calm and Craft On!

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