Self-care 2017-2018

I realized this as I was following my seven year old downstairs.

She wanted to go swimming with her brothers, but I had to get her ready first. I knew she wouldn’t be out there for more than fifteen minutes, and it takes a good fifteen minutes to get her ready to go to the pool. Nevertheless, I got her prepped for the pool, and we proceeded to head downstairs.

My glasses slipped off my nose on the way downstairs. No matter what I do, they just don’t fit quite right. My clothes were a mess, I had on a top for cleaning, and comfy pants that I was planning on sleeping in. My hair was still wet from the shower that I took earlier in the morning. I hadn’t even run a comb through my hair, I just threw it up in a wet bun on the way to wake up the kids for the day. I can’t even remember if I’ve brushed my teeth today. Damn! I’m a mess!

I’m in no way a girly-girl. I’m scared of complicated hair-styles and proper make-up, but I’m thirty-seven… Why haven’t I graduated to better self-care by now?!?

So I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone, and get myself together this year. Help keep me motivated, and accountable. Leave me some tips, suggestions, or ideas to get this girl off of her butt and doing a bit better.



One thought on “Self-care 2017-2018

  1. You have already taken the first step by identifying the need for self-care. As a mom, you will always put your family first, but do try to do one thing each day just for you. It is not selfish to focus on what makes you feel better. You have more to give when you take care of yourself. Love you*

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