July’s Veggie Meals

Get ready for an extra long post. I have lots of vegetarian and vegan photos to share.

Vegan Quinoa Bowl

This was one tasty dish. I added in an avocado, and cherry tomatoes from our garden.

Vegan Taco Seasoned Quinoa and Guacamole. This is one versatile vegan staple. You can serve the quinoa in a bowl, in a burrito, in a taco, stuff it in peppers, man it is good.

Vegan Mexican Bowl. I’ve been experimenting with lots of different types of grain bowls. This one was filling, and really delicious.

Vegan Rice and Roasted Veggies

Vegan Sushi Rice Bowl with Wasabi Avocados and Nori Flakes

Vegan Bowtie Pasta and Blistered Cherry Tomatoes. Oh goodness, I really loved this dish.The tomatoes were from the garden, and they were perfect.

Vegan Kimchi Sushi with Edamame. Vegan Sushi is pretty much my very favorite food on the planet. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks too.

Vegetarian Leftovers from the fridge. I love vegetarian cooking. I make big batches, and live off of the leftovers.

Vegan Noodle Bowl. I always double this recipe, and eat the leftover noodles cold.

Vegan Quinoa and Blistered Tomatoes. I had a pretty good crop of cherry tomatoes, and this was a tasty solution for all of those homegrown goods.

Vegan light and cool lunch, because sometimes it is just too hot to cook in Kansas.

Vegetarian Homemade Soup and Crusty Bread

Vegan Nachos

Fresh Watermelon with Kosher Salt, this was lunch and dinner one day for me. Seriously, Summer in Kansas is miserably hot.

Vegan Veggie Bowl. I forgot to make myself lunch one day, so I threw this together in a flash.

Vegetarian Tomato Pie. I tried out a new dish, and I really liked it.

Vegan Pasta with Extra Greens

Vegan veggie goodness.

Vegan Rice Noodle Bowl. This was another “clean out the fridge and use all of the veggies” lunch. I love rice noodles with just about any veggie.

Homemade Take-Out!!! I miss the Tostadas at my favorite restaurant in Missouri. I can make a pretty close vegan version at home though.

August is flying by, and I’ve been sticking to being mostly vegan. It has been a tasty month already.