Five Years And Counting: Part Three

a full year in…

While picking up my prescription, I noticed a note. Need doctor’s appointment for refills. I had forgotten that after a year my doctor wanted to see me again. Darn fuzzy memory.

I scheduled my appointment before my rx ran out. This time it was easier visiting my doctor. I wasn’t as sad, but she was a little upset with me that I hadn’t told her it took nine months for me to start feeling better. We decided to continue with the same levels on my prescriptions, and I would continue making yearly appointments.

Life got a bit better. Going out in public was easier, the panic attacks were better. I still had memory issues, but my doctor said that that was normal. I also found I was relaxing more. I wasn’t as uptight, and I was even more patient with the kiddos. Chronic fatigue has arrived, and I’m so tired. I’m feeling well, exercising, eating better, smiling, hugging my kids, and tired.

I’m always tired… Always tired. Always tired.

Two years, and then three years in.

Yearly appointments, same medicine, same levels, still tired. My doctor ordered blood work to check for thyroid issues. At this point I had switched to being a full time vegetarian, and my doctor was also concerned that anemia was causing the exhaustion. All of my levels came back perfect, even my doctor was impressed with the changes from my diet. She said to keep up with the walking, that my energy should start to improve.


One thought on “Five Years And Counting: Part Three

  1. You have been on such a lonely journey. Thank you for your honesty. Stay strong, Nicole. Love you for being YOU!

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