June’s Veggies Meals

June was a tasty month filled with veggie goodness. I’ve been extra lucky in the tomato department too. My little tomato plant has produced lots and lots of tiny cherry tomatoes.

Vegan Hummus Wraps. These were cool, crisp, and so tasty.

Homemade Mini Deep Dish Cheese Pizza. The kids could eat pizza for every single meal, and I really liked this homemade batch of mini ones. The kids ate them way too quickly though, next time I’ve got to triple the dough for leftovers.

Vegan Tostadas. These are one of my very favorite vegetarian/vegan dishes. I can also sneak this one in on my family. They love it, and little do they know it is vegan.

Vegan Snack Dinner… Because it is too hot to cook in Kansas.

Vegan Snack Dinner again, because seriously, it is too hot to cook in Kansas.

Vegan Cold Noodle Bowl. I love to make homemade take-out. I always make a big batch, and plan for veggie leftovers. This big bowl of noodles was even tastier chilled.

Avocado Tacos. These were amazingly tasty. Just sliced avocado, a tiny bit of homemade salsa, and lots of crisp cool lettuce. So stinking good.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

I used some cherry tomatoes and fresh picked banana peppers from my garden to infuse the rice. I served it with a big batch of smashed avocado and cherry tomato. I loved this dish a little too much! Now I’m hungry for more avocados.

Spinach and Artichoke Pasta. I made homemade spinach and artichoke dip, and decided to throw the leftovers over shell pasta. Oh goodness, this vegetarian dish was a win!

Vegan Breakfast for Dinner. Pan roasted red potatoes, and plenty of fresh fruit. I loved these tasty potatoes, but the family didn’t as much. I’m going to make them again, but just for me.

Garden goodness. I love having these little plants right off of the side porch. We have had lots of hot and rainy weather, the tomatoes have been growing like crazy.

Vegan Quinoa Tacos. I posted this picture on instagram, and it was my most liked picture that I had ever posted. Seriously, give quinoa a try. It is a perfect swap for taco night.

Vegan Burrito Bowl, complete with more homegrown tomatoes.

Vegan Noodle Bowl. Again a good take on homemade take-out, and it used up all of the veggies in the fridge.

Homemade Pizza Rolls. I split homemade dinner rolls, and topped them with mozzarella cheese and homegrown cherry tomatoes. I put them under the broiler for just a bit, and man they were good. I love using homegrown produce for whatever meal I can.

With July in full swing, I hope to get even more cherry tomatoes and banana peppers out of the garden. I’ve been back to eating two-thirds of my meals vegan. Some days it really is just too hot to be in the kitchen, and those cool vegan dishes come in handy.

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