June’s Crafts: Knitting and Crochet

June was a busy month for me, but the kids were bored already. I didn’t get too much crafting done, it seems like all day every day I’m in the kitchen. I’m always trying to catch up on dishes, making another snack for Thade, and baking whatever I can. I miss my quiet days and crafting time.

I’ve reached the half-way point on the 2017 Temperature Blanket. It is already pretty darn big. I think that by the time that all of the crocheting is done it will easily fit our king-sized bed.

I’ve got a pretty good start on Agnes’ newest blanket. It is a Mexican inspired, multi-hued, crochet blanket in all of her favorite colors.

Dylan’s blanket is also coming along nicely too.

I think Agnes’ might be a bit bigger though. I really hope to have both of these projects completed by the end of the Summer.

I’m still working on my knitting. I’ve been knitting lots of little dusting cloths, to keep the kids busy, and my knitting needles busy too.

This is my downstairs works-in-progress basket. I drag it from room to room, and work on my little projects whenever I can.

Time to get back to the kitchen, I can smell the latest loaf of bread just about ready to come out of the oven.

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