May’s Crafts: Knitting and Crochet

May seemed to be the shortest month so far. The kids had only a few weeks of school, and we had school stuff going on most of the time. I carried along small knitting and crochet projects with me. I also started a few more big projects at home too.

One of the coolest surprises was this giant box of yarn from my Mom! The box was filled with different types of yarn, wool, and some cotton too. I loved going through all of it, and feeding the stash.


I’m still knitting this chunky blue scarf. I think I’ve been working on it off and on for a few months now. I’m still a pretty slow knitter.

Project time! A multi-hue Mexican style blanket for Dylan. He likes green (his favorite), shades of blue, and grey.

I finally finished knitting a scarf for Agnes. Even though the weather was a little warm for scarves, she wore it to school anyway.

My kids fight over the cleaning products in the house, especially the swiffers for dusting.

Since I had a few skeins of cotton on hand, I crocheted a few cleaning cloths for the tiny kids.

Dylan’s blanket is coming along nicely. I seriously love this color combination.

The 2017 Temperature blanket is still going strong. Row by row. I can’t believe how big this blanket is getting, and we’ve still got a lot of 2017 to crochet.

I’m planning on working on lots of projects now that Summer is here. I’ve started a multi-hued blanket for Agnes. I’m also knitting some cleaning cloths too. Now I just need a little more room for the ongoing projects.

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