Little Garden

This year I’ve only introduced a few new plants to the gardens. Most of what we have growing in the north garden, and the side porch garden have been growing for years.

The Red Lily were planted about six years ago. They used to be so small. Now they have branched out, and produce beautiful large blooms.

We have had a lot of rain, and the Hosta are pretty happy about it.

Lula-mae keeps watch over all of it. She is waiting for the marigolds to bloom. They are her very favorite.

Miss Mia is my favorite distraction from yard work.

Last year I picked up a large batch of free Iris bulbs. We planted some in the front yard, and some in the north garden. We even had a few blooms this year.

Agnes loves to pick whatever is blooming in the yard before Dad mows. I always have a big batch of dandelion or clovers hanging out around the house.

It is time to re-pot the Begonia that Agnes gave me for Mother’s Day. There have been so many lovely pink blooms.

Our avocado tree keeps growing. I had started a second seed, but it didn’t make it.

I moved some of the Mint from the north garden to the side porch garden. I also attempted to grow some Cilantro this year. I didn’t snip it in time, and it bloomed. The little white flowers are so pretty though, so I’m not too upset about it.

Our Daisies bloomed again this year, and they were absolutely beautiful. I love daisies, they are one of my favorites. In early Spring they bloom all over town. I love all of the Kansas wildflowers that we have in our neck of the woods.


Just a few little vegetables. It is time to pick the banana peppers again, and the cherry tomato plant is weighed down with little green tomatoes. I can’t wait for them to be ready.


One day I wasn’t feeling too good after doing some yard work, and I took a nap. I woke up to new furniture for the side porch. I love it! I think I’m going to nap more often.

We have had a pretty Spring so far, and all too hot Summer days will be here too quickly.

I still hope to get a few more plants in before it gets too hot, but I really don’t think that I’m going to get that accomplished. I really need to plant some new flowers and some type of bushes in the front yard. I just need the kids to wake up before noon, so we can hit up my favorite nursery.




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