May’s Veggie Meals

I have a bunch of photos to share from May’s veggie meals. Some of them are vegan, and some of them are vegetarian, all of them were super tasty.

Sometimes I make meals out of whatever I have hanging out in the fridge. Burritos are a tasty way to use up leftovers.

I can’t get enough homemade sushi!

Lemon Pasta with veggies. I also had some tasty artichoke pesto on toast.

Homemade vegan crunchwraps, and plenty of chips and salsa.

Rice Noodles with Kimchi, and a tasty side of edamame.

I made more sushi for dinner.

I had a few leftover for lunch the next day.

We had a bunch of Cliantro in our garden. I decided to try and make homemade pico de gallo. Holy moly it was good! I ate it with tostadas, I ate it with chips, and I ate it with a spoon.

Vegan Tacos! Refried beans make a great substitute, so I can enjoy taco night with the family.

O.k., so I made a few loaves of homemade bread. I might have taken a nap while I was proofing the bread, so the loaves might have been over proofed just a bit. While they wern’t the prettiest loaves of bread, they did make some AMAZING grilled cheese sandwiches. This also might have been my breakfast…

Vegan burrito bowl for me.

Noodles with Veggies.

I finished off the rest of the homemade bread, and used a little more of the artichoke pesto hanging out in the fridge. I can also eat artichoke pesto with anything; toast, crackers, pasta, silverware…

I finally found some very lovely avocados. I like mine with Kosher Salt, a bit of fresh black pepper, and a few dashes of lemon juice. Seriously, I think I could eat avocados for every meal, snack, whatever, all day, every day.

As the weather is heating up, I only want to eat cold foods. Snack dinner is always a cool option. I enjoyed some petite carrots, marinated artichoke hearts, and one more of those very lovely avocados.

Well, I didn’t get my dream garden this year. One of these years I swear, it is going to happen. I only have a few plants growing off of the side porch. There is a patch of cilantro, that has already bloomed, so it’s probably done. I also have a big tomato plant, budding with green tomatoes. We have a little sweet banana pepper plant that has already produced some delicious peppers. This was my first pick of the season. Pretty small, but that tomato and pepper were fantastic.

We are well into June. I seem to live in the kitchen twenty-four hours a day. I hope to have some more photos up soon, but right now, I’ve got to go clean up the dishes from lunch.


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  1. Your plates of food always look so pretty and delicious. Makes me hungry just looking!

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