Thade’s Stash-Busting Blanket

As soon as I finished Agnes’ knitted and crocheted patchwork blanket, Thade put in a request for a blanket too. I’ve been wanting to make a Mexican blanket for a very long time. I love all of the bright colors, and the hues transitioning from warm to cool. I had an idea in mind, so I gathered up the yarn.

And I mean a lot of yarn!

I grabbed a J hook, and chained on I think 300 or maybe 350 stitches. Then I half-double crocheted two rows of each color. There are going to be a lot of ends to weave in at the end of this project.

When I got to the middle color (navy), I repeated the previous rows in mirror image.

I finally made it to the last row! Then it took me about two hours to weave in all of the ends.

And done…

This scrap-busting blanket is twin-sized, and I love the colors!

Thade said it was o.k. And, of course Dylan and Agnes have already put in requests for a similar blanket. Dylan wants his in shades of green, and Agnes wants pinks and purples.

This was a pretty quick project. I think I had it finished in about two months. Now I’ve got to get to working on those next two blankets.

One thought on “Thade’s Stash-Busting Blanket

  1. Thade’s blanket turned out great! Really pretty color shading. Keep on crocheting!

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