March Veggie Meals: Part 1

I had to break this monthly post into two posts, I had way too many veggie dishes to share. I made it another month of going two-thirds vegan. This was the easiest month by far. I made a ton of tasty dishes, and here is way too many photos of tasty vegan goodness.

Vegan Tacos with homemade Mexican Rice and tons of Avocados

I have no idea just how many avocados I ate through the month of March.

Beans, Rice, and Guacamole Salad

I even made a batch of vegan re-fried beans. They were amazing.

I paired them with homemade Mexican rice.

Avocado with Broccoli Slaw, so tasty.

Homemade Mexican Rice and Avocado are perfect together.

I made a big batch of Quinoa with Veggies.

Vegan leftovers, super yummy

Loaded pasta salad, cool and perfect for lunch or dinner.

Taco seasoned Quinoa Tacos! This was a perfect vegan match for taco night.

Taco seasoned Quinoa stuffed Avocados. This dish was unreal.

Mexican Quinoa Burrito Bowl. Tastier than take-out.

Vegetarian Lemon Pasta with Artichokes and Capers, fresh homemade bread rounds out this meal. I was craving Chicken Piccata, so I made a veggie version of it.

Some nights I made snacks for dinner. I keep a bunch of vegan varieties on hand for me.

Loaded Vegan Pasta Salad and Black Olives. We were actually under a tornado watch, so we needed to get dinner done in a hurry.

I’ll have part two of this post (hopefully) up tomorrow. I have really enjoyed making and eating all of these tasty vegan dishes. I’ve been feeling a bit better too, and my hair is crazy lovely, probably from all of those avocados.

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