March’s Craft Projects

I have lots of little projects going on right now. I’ve got two blankets that I’m working on upstairs, a basket with knitting projects downstairs. I’ve even got a knitting project in my purse to work on while I’m in the afternoon school pick-up line.

I’ve completed three months on the temperature blanket. I’ve had to stock back up on shades of yellow and gold yarn. We have had a pretty mild winter and early spring around our neck of the woods.

After I made the patchwork blanket for Agnes, Thade put in a request for a new blanket too.

I got an idea in my mind, and hit the yarn stash to get started.

It is all half-double crochet stitches, and I’m using a J sized hook.

I am loving the look of this blanket so far. Thade says it’s o.k.

During Spring Break we went to visit my mom, and she said my favorite phrase… “I’ll watch the kids while you go to the yarn store.” Seriously, I can’t say no to that!

I spent some much needed time strolling the yarn aisles at Joann’s.

I bought a bit of yarn. I also had the kindest lady who scanned two coupons and saved me $30.00 on this stash feeding haul. I gave her a hug, she was seriously awesome.

I’m going to start a blanket for Agnes and Dylan too. Kinda like Thade’s, but with their favorite colors.

This is my little knitting basket downstairs. I’m knitting scarves for next year’s teacher gifts, and I’m making a cute scarf for Agnes. She always needs another scarf.

I’m still working on another scrappy blanket. I add a bit of yarn here and there. I love the colors, stripes, and knotted texture of this little blanket.

One thought on “March’s Craft Projects

  1. Wow, Nicole! You have the creative desire, ideas, skill and follow-thru to design and finish beautiful handmade (with love) projects. I am so impressed!

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