Agnes’ Knitted and Crocheted Blanket

This is a project that I started late last Summer. I finally got it finished around Valentine’s Day for Miss Agnes.


Agnes put in a request for a new blanket, and I wanted to make something unique for her. My mind went right to patchwork, but patchwork with knits and crochet. I crocheted some grannysquares, and knitted some little squares. I lined them up and kept crafting.


I packed yarn, crochet hooks, and knitting needles with me everywhere I went.


I liked trying out new knitting patterns, and crocheting different types of grannysquares too.


Knitting all of the little squares made me much more comfortable knitting.



This project was a sew as you go. Whenever I had squares ready, I would stitch them together. The blanket was coming together nicely.


I was almost done, just a few more squares to stitch together.


Finally finished!


This blanket turned out absolutely adorable, and unique just like Agnes.


It is also cute, colorful, and very cozy.


Agnes loved the finished project too. Time to get going on another project, but first yarn shopping.


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