Stockpile Building

Over Christmas break, I started noticing that we ran out of everything way too quickly. I was always in the kitchen cooking a meal, making more cookies, and then cleaning up another mess. The kids were hungry around the clock, and when we ran out of something I didn’t want to drag them to the store. That got me thinking about stockpiling…

I haven’t kept a decent stockpile, or a proper stocked pantry since Dylan was a baby. I haven’t once a month shopped since Thade was a baby. I also haven’t hadn’t kept a decent coupon binder since Agnes was a toddler. I need to get back to being better organized, and keeping a better stocked kitchen.

First I need space. Since I have a (ahem very) small kitchen, I started out by cleaning out the cabinets. I cleaned out a lot of clutter, and we gave some unused small appliances to a good friend of ours. Once I had a little more space to work with, then I started list making. List making is my favorite!

I’m building up my stockpile, one week at a time. I’m allowing an extra $10.00 – $15.00 per week on the grocery budget for items to stockpile. That way I won’t break the bank, or use up too much space.

Here is a little of what my list looks like (all prices are estimated):

Week 1:

  • BBQ Sauce (5) $5.00
  • Brownie Mix (5) $5.00
  • Pasta Sauce (5) $5.00
  • Cake Mix (5) $5.00

Week 2

  • AP Flour (3) $6.00
  • Broth (3) $6.00
  • Sugar (3) $9.00
  • Mustard (3) $5.00

Week 3

  • Spaghetti (5) $5.00
  • Ketchup (2-3) $5.00
  • Asst. Ramen Packets (10) $3.00
  • Black Olives (3) $6.00

Week 4

  • Dried Beans (4) $6.00
  • Rice 5 lbs $5.00
  • Mac & Cheese (5) $5.00
  • Re-fried Beans (4) $6.00

I pick an item or two per shopping trip, and add it to the pantry. So far it is going well. We are running out of Saltines a bit too quickly though. I swear my kiddos eat those non-stop. I’m trying to think of more non-perishables to stockpile that we’ll use.

It seems to be an ongoing battle in the kitchen with a tween, a teen, and one cute picky girl that doesn’t want to eat what the boys are eating. What about you… What do you like to stockpile in your pantry?



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