Sneaking in Vegan Meals

This year I’m still going strong with vegetarianism. I’m adding more vegan dishes to my menu. I hope to be 50/50 vegan-vegetarian by 2018.

Tostadas! Vegan for me, vegetarian for the family. This is one sneaky  dish that everyone loves.

Beans and Rice. I add in homemade salsa and frozen  corn while heating up the rice. 

Vegan Chili. This dish is one of my favorites. I make a big batch and freeze it for future meals. I even got my  carnivore hubby to try this one out. He said it was “pretty good”.

Roasted veggies, Baked sweet potato, and homemade veggie rice-a-roni. I used what I had on  hand, and made one delicious meal.
Last night’s dinner for me was baked sweet potatoes and rice with garlic and soy sauce. Vegan and tasty. 

I’ll post some more meals soon. I’m off to the store to restock.

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