Super-Fun Dinner Night

Every once in a while my hubby has to be away for meetings. To keep the kiddos happy, we’ve started making super-fun dinner night. We usually hit up Redbox and rent a movie for the night, and the kiddos get to pick whatever they want for dinner. A few of the favorites have been Chocolate overload dinner, we had Cocoa Pebbles and Chocolate Milk, and School-lunch dinner… I do my best to recreate a dish off of the school lunch menu. One  school lunch  was Little Smokies and Macaroni and Cheese, the kiddos loved that meal.

This week we have decided to make a meal that iCarly would approve of. My boys are really big fans of the show, and I though it would be really fun to make a meal based on some of the dishes that I have seen on the show.  I’m serving  Groovy  Strawberry Splat Smoothies and I’m also making Spaghetti Tacos, just like Spencer would serve Carly and her friends. The kids are really looking forward to the meal.

It looks super simple too, and I used everything that I had on hand.

For the Spaghetti Tacos you’ll need:


  • Spaghetti Noodles
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Taco Shells


Then you simply prepare the Spaghetti just like you always would, and stuff it into the Taco Shells.


I’m also making Strawberry Splat Smoothies. I’m using Strawberries that I chopped and froze in the freezer, a little bit of sugar, and milk too. I was out of yogurt, and it was way too hot to take the kiddos to the store, so the milk will work.


The frozen strawberries gave the smoothies a icy texture.


I love the super bright pink color of the finished strawberry splat smoothies!


Let’s see what the kids think…


Dylan liked the spaghetti tacos, but he is a spaghetti fan anyway…


Thade loved them! He usually turns his nose up at the sight of spaghetti, but even he ate a taco and a half. I thought the spaghetti tacos were pretty tasty too. Both kiddos finished off their strawberry smoothies in record time too. This dinner is definitely a keeper.

4 thoughts on “Super-Fun Dinner Night

  1. Hi Nicole~
    What a super cool dinner idea! We watch iCarly every day and are fans of the spaghetti tacos, too. Let’s hope that your boys can’t out eat Samantha! My son can…
    Hugs, Mimi

  2. Thanks Mimi! That is super-cool that your kiddos are fans of iCarly and Spaghetti tacos too. We love iCarly around here, and I think that Spencer is adorable. My kids loved the meal, and I have some super picky eaters.

  3. Thanks Heather 🙂 It was a fun and tasty meal. The taco shells took the frustration out of spaghetti too, they were so much easier for Dylan to eat. I also thought they were really tasty too.

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